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How is Wej doing? Have a look

You might remember that Retronyms announced their new venture into music hardware this week. They’re looking for pre-orders for Wej to get the thing funded by early November. So, who’s in? Take a look at how it’s going at their preorder site.

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PIANA sign-off test (video)

Video description:

“It’s Slade again, but I never captured it actually live actually playing this, so here’s your actual living proof. One Kano, one MacBook providing MIDI bytes, one Minirig for monitoring, audio passed back from Pi into Mac to record so I can offer this video with nicer audio than yesterday’s Popcorn. Ladies and gentlemen – 7 monosynths, a fistful of (virtual) echo boxes, a (virtual) reverb box, not a sample in sight, enough Virtual Analog stuff to keep you happy for ooh, days – take it, Noddy!”

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