MusicMakerJam arrives for your iPad (and it’s free)

An interesting one, MusicMakerJam was originally an iPad app and now it’s migrated to iOS. Here’s the app’s details …

Create your own tracks with Music Maker Jam! Whether Hip Hop, Dubstep, Rock or Drum & Bass – a complete range of over 70 music styles and an 8-channel mixer give your creativity plenty of room to express itself.
Music Maker Jam is simple and easy-to-use, allowing you to achieve professional results in no time at all. No previous experience? You don’t need any!

Choose from thousands of professional loops and bring your musical ideas to life. Change the tempo or play around with spectacular sound effects in real time. Music Maker Jam offers intuitive controls and amazing results. All your tracks stay perfectly in rhythm as you put your tracks together, and the Harmony Editor and Arranger provide even more possibilities for customizing your music. The 8-channel mixer lets you give your mix the right balance.
Define new genres by combining different style packs into a sound of your own. You can share your finished tracks and jam sessions with friends at any time – CONNECT WITH MUSIC™


  • Free download with four music styles
  • Choose from over 70 styles such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, Rock, Funk, Trap, Drum & Bass, Techno, House, Ambient, Jazz, and Movie Scores
  • New monthly releases, can be interchanged free of charge
  • Use samples from different music genres in the same projects
  • Mix your music on the 8-channel mixer
  • Thousands of professional loops: From soul vocals to saxophone samples and amazing bass lines
  • Adjust tempo and harmonies
  • Play around with spectacular real-time effects
  • Shake it: Remix tracks by shaking your device
  • Record your tracks and share them with your friends


Share your productions with the Music Maker Jam Community!


MusicMakerJam is on the app store, and is free.

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