Korg’s iOS8 updates are just around the corner

GarageBand & jamstik: Loop Recording (video)

iProphet Jordantron minibruteSound1005 (video)

Android looks like it could catch up with iOS in the not too distant future

So if you missed it from last week, Android looks like it could be on the verge of catching up, or at least beginning to catch up with iOS with Samsung’s latest Pro Audio SDK. You can find the details here, and there’ll be more next month.

Phaedra meets expert sleepers silent way to breath new life into the mc202 (video)

How iOS MIDI interfaces have evolved

Interesting to see where we started off with the Line 6 first and second iterations and moving on to the latest iRig MIDI, which incidentally I think is excellent.

From first thing this morning (and back in 2007)

If you read my first post this morning about new sound toys from 2007 then you might be interested in some of my recent stuff in Palmorama, which is along the same or at least similar lines.

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