FACT TV: Plaid & Bruno Zamborlin at The Roundhouse (video)

How to get a great Rectifier tone using JamUp Pro Multi-Effects app (video)

Fluff shows how you can get a great Rectifier sound right in your iPad and iPhone using JamUp Pro Multi-Effects app.

jamstik “live demo” event sketch (video)

jamstik "live demo" event sketch (video)

iProphet Synth for iPad, Demo, Tour and Lots of Sounds (video)

iOS Synth Review: Virsyn Addictive Synth Part II (video)

Rumours flying around about new iPads

Depending on who you listen to there are a variety of stories floating right now. I’m intrigued by the idea that Apple would release a 12.9″ iPad, although after the 6+ I certainly wouldn’t rule it out at all, and as for the stories about a gold colour option, I think that’s very plausible indeed. My concern is that they don’t make it too thin.

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