iProphet is a real thing after all, if you missed it yesterday, check it out here

In case you did miss it from yesterday, iProphet has arrived! You can find all of the app’s details in the original post by clicking here.

KORG CLIPHIT CH-01 … play the car

Navichord iPad App Demo (video)

Cyclic Dream by redskylullaby (video)

This is a truly awesome video from redskylullaby, made using ProjectM visualizer app, some other CG clips and Vjay.

The music is also completely made with an iPad.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of this album in the not too distant future.

(PV)Sinking Feeling – Sleeping Out (video, but mainly audio)

Made with Gadget.

TF7 Synth App Review – Sweetwater’s iOS Update, Vol. 87 (video)

7 Minutes with a Ipad Synth: Robotic Drums (video)

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