Apollo Sound Injector — Reaper on a PC (video)

Tabletop jams with circuit bent creation and Molecule Synth LFO (video)


Haven’t seen a video for this as yet, but I’m looking forward to it when it arrives


OT: Friend Gawain Hewit”s first piece from his visit to Bangladesh is at Spitalfields Music 5th -16th December

Some pictures from Travis Feldman’s circuit bending / synth making workshop

MIDI clock coming to MIDI Designer?

According to this tweet it is.

SpringSound (universal) arrives

SpringSound is a physical-modeling audio synthesizer that produces sounds by simulating interactions and vibrations of a set of activators and masses connected to springs. The model offers detailed control of an array of features including: gravity, bouncing, fluid and static friction, mechanical limits, non-linear functions, and more.

SpringSound is provided with a very large set of sound presets that you can tweak and save.

It can be used as a sound generator or as an effect using its Audio-In feature, opening a new world of physical modeled effects. It is fully Audiobus® 2 and inter-app audio compatible, and manage state saving.

SpringSound can be controlled by a standard MIDI keyboard and directly from the iOS device screen.

SpringSound app is designed for optimum use with the Haken Continuum (www.hakenaudio.com) and integrate an IOS Continuum Remote (iPad only) allowing a very comprehensive and accurate remote control of the Continuum from your iPad (access to all parameters except programming the Eagan Matrix).

SpringSound has be designed to explore sounds domains you won’t be able to access with other synthesis technics. It expands your sonic palette with a new world of physical sounds. It is a rich musical instrument, a sophisticated sound-design tool and an entertaining sonic playground.

SpringSound costs $2.99 on the app store:

Something very cool coming from Omenie …

Arpeggio test from humbleTUNE (vine video)


Konkreet Performer 2.2 supports MIDI over Bluetooth

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