0 comments on “iSymphonic Orchestra – iPad live Demo (crudebyte & KApro)”

iSymphonic Orchestra – iPad live Demo (crudebyte & KApro)

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Synth Panel from Wejaam for iOS, coming soon I hope

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More about WeJaam …

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Audio Evolution update looking good

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ScaleGen Demo and Tour for iPad

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Conductr Review – Part 3 (video)

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Another update from the SoundLab project: 4 – The Pop up band

Here’s another mention of my SoundLab project. In this post you can find out about our pop-up band, what the rationale behind it was and how we achieved our aims with the set up.

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EDM Example – Made in Caustic (video)

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iDensity update brings a new reverb

Here’s what’s new with iDensity:

  • iOs 8 support
  • Audiobus 2.1 support
  • AudioCopyAndPaste latest SDK update
  • New Amazing Reverb, Thanks to Carmine Cella
  • Auto name files when recording, now is more clear
  • File Manager Audio Inline Preview
  • Accelerometer Bypass Shortcut
  • UI Improvements
  • Presets Store

Please note: the update to Audiobus 2.1 means that unfortunately iOS 6 devices will no longer be able to run Audiobus with this update.

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Music and Democratisation (via CDM)

This post over at CDM is really worth a read, you can watch the whole thing, or in fact just listen to the audio on SoundCloud (via CDM).

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