Yonac at 6: Magellan for iPad – Professional Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Yonac’s flagship synth app Magellan is on sale alongside all their other apps today for just $0.99.

3 Codes up for grabs for EUMLab’s UkeHero

Here are the three codes for UkeHero provided by EUMLab. Hope you get one …


Yonac at 6: AirVox for iPhone and iPad – Touchless Synth

Another completely innovative app from Yonac. AirVox was entirely groundbreaking when it first came out and I think it’s still an amazing use of the hardware.

Remember, it’s on sale today for just $0.99.

3 Codes available for Uke101

Here we go, here are 3 codes for EUMLab’s Uke101, I hope you’re able to grab one.


Yonac at 6: Thereminator, the iPhone Theremin

It’s amazing that Yonac have been on the app store for 6 years now, and this video goes all the way back to the beginning.

Remember that Thereminator is on sale today for just $0.99, so get a piece of mobile music history for a ridiculously low price and celebrate with Yonac.

Giving you some notice … App Give Away happening at 7:30pm (please read)

To celebrate the release of their latest app Drum Loops (Beats, Grooves and Rhythms), EUMLab have given us a bunch of codes for their Ukelele centric apps. So, at 7:30pm (BST) exactly I’ll be posting up 3 codes for Uke101, at 8:30pm (BST) I’ll be posting 3 codes for UkeHero, and at 9:30pm (BST) I’ll be posting 3 codes for UkeTube.

Please remember that these codes will appear here on the blog first and not on twitter, so you’ll have to watch the blog and not twitter to be able to grab one.

iRig Pads Trailer (video)

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