Talking about SoundLab at ROLI last night

Light night I was speaking about the SoundLab project at ROLI’s regular “Modern Music Industry” event, which I’ve been a big fan of since they started hosting these late last year. It was a really good crowd and I was in the company of some really excellent speakers too.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it, here’s what ROLI said about it in an email they sent today …

“Last night’s Modern Music Industry meet-up was a huge success, gathering over 50 people in our HQ to discuss a range of issues and opportunities effecting the industry. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along, especially our four fantastic speakers, it was a truly inspiring evening. For those of you that couldn’t make it, here’s a short round-up of what happened.

  • Martin Klang spoke about ‘The Owl‘, his open source, programmable effects pedal, and touched on the issues that start-up companies face when raising capital whilst trying to maintain creative control of their company.  
  • Susanna Eastburn, CEO of Sound and Music, shared her thoughts about some of the social problems the music industry is facing, particularly in regards to gender and wealth equality.
  • Ashley Elsdon discussed his involvement in SoundLab, an initiative that is helping people with disabilities gain access to music.
  • Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner shared his experiences of ‘using the technology that is available’ to create his art, from his first 4 track tape recorded to today’s digital tools.

We also had the team from SubPac, who let our guests demo their wearable bass system that transfers low frequencies directly to your body. Plus we had lots of great homemade food courtesy of Cafe ROLI and some impromptu Seaboard performances in our SoundHive. Our next Modern Music Industry meet-up is on the 12th November and we already have multi award winning composer and sound artist Nick Ryan, and Paul Bonham from the London Arts Council lined up to speak. You can register here.”

So if you’re in the area on the 12th, then sign up and I’ll see you in November.

TriqTraq Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

GrooveCloud doing some aggressive monkey testing…. getting ready for release!

Don’t miss out, Yonac’s apps are all $1 for today only to celebrate 6 years on the app store

Yonac have continued to innovate on the app store since day 1, so it’s great to know that they’re still going strong and celebrating today by making all their apps available for just $0.99 each!

Here’s what you can:

That’s an amazing bunch of apps on sale at a great price, but remember it’s only today, so don’t miss out!

Here is the beginning of a mobile modular synth


A big thank you to EUMLab for providing all the codes this evening

Thanks to EUMLab for giving away the codes, if you didn’t get one you might want to take a look at their new app Drum Loops (Beats, Grooves and Rhythms) which has only been on the store for a couple of days now.

And finally, three codes available for UkeTube from EUMLab

Last of the give away, here are three promo codes for EUMLab’s UkeTube app.


Yonac at 6: Magellan for iPad – Professional Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Yonac’s flagship synth app Magellan is on sale alongside all their other apps today for just $0.99.

3 Codes up for grabs for EUMLab’s UkeHero

Here are the three codes for UkeHero provided by EUMLab. Hope you get one …


Yonac at 6: AirVox for iPhone and iPad – Touchless Synth

Another completely innovative app from Yonac. AirVox was entirely groundbreaking when it first came out and I think it’s still an amazing use of the hardware.

Remember, it’s on sale today for just $0.99.

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