Propellerhead’s Take Creative Vocal Recorder gets export options and other stuff

Here’s all that’s new in Take Creative Vocal Recorder 1.1.2:

  • New song export option: iTunes File Sharing
  • New About Take screen with manual and support links
  • New headset and monitoring options in Settings
  • Recording and sharing improvements
  • Performance and bug fixes

Audiovisual Modular Synth Techno Jam! (w/ Lauflicht for iPad, Volca Beats, MicroBrute, etc.) #TTNM (video)

Sunvox on a Palm TX, what a great thing to wake up to

Super 64 – Retro Video Game Soundpack (video)

Whilst it isn’t really mobile related it is pretty cool and I was sure that this would be of interest to at least a few.

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