PAINTVOX “Oscillodriver (Play the KORG DSN-12) ” Performs live in Japan! (video)

PAINTVOX "Oscillodriver (Play the KORG DSN-12) " Performs live in Japan! (video)

Korg DSN-12 Analog-Style Creation Tool for Nintendo 3DS (video)

apeFilter DEMO (video)

Coming very soon …

TF7 Synth gets an update

Here’s what’s new with TF7 Synth:

  • iOS8 Ready
  • 9 new waveforms for modulator and carrier modules (Pro Pack)
    • 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, 1+6, 1+7, 1+8, 1+2+3, 1+3+5 waveforms to give you an even greater variety of sounds!
  • Midi Learn. Assign your midi CC controller commands easily. (Pro Pack)
  • New Auto-Vibrato effect – inject greater expressivity to your sounds – guaranteed fun! (Expanded Algorithms)
  • Supports Audiobus 2 now (iOS7 and above required) (All)
  • Also: Presets Pack using the new waveforms and vibrato effect coming soon – wait for it!

The Bleep Drum Module for littleBits (video)

Video description:

“The littleBit module version allows you to trigger it from any changing signal such as a a sequencer, button, or all manner of bits.

These crunchy samples go great with the smooth sounds of the synth modules!

Dr. Bleep and company think it would be a great addition to the littlebits library.

All audio direct from what you see. The littleBits proto module at the end of the chain is used to give direct audio output.”

The lovely Sinusoid gets some new bits and pieces

Here’s what’s new with Sinusoid:

  • Adding per note pitch sweep (-36 note >> +36 note, 1/44100 sec >> 1 sec).
  • Adding channel and page delete (hold waste basket).
  • Adding ability to change horizontal time lines (double tab on cell number).
  • Adding settings for export song fadeout length.
  • Adding settings for export song extra length.
  • Tweaking page slide out/in algorithm.
  • Tweaking touch algorithm for note settings.
  • Adding ability to slow down note envelope (for individual notes)

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