Wow, did get hear that right? if your littleBits module gets manufactured littleBits give you 10%

Watching that video again and paying a little bit more attention this time round, I heard Ayah say that if your module gets manufactured then littleBit will give you 10% of the sales! That’s amazing. That all makes sense now!

If you want to know more about the Korg Ableton export feature have a look here

Ableton have a useful page on their site that gives you more information about what to do to get a Live Lite licence from inside Gadget etc and info on exporting and Live sets.

Rethink Music’s Berlin Venture Day

This might be of use or interest to developers and start ups as it’s quite a good package of prizes on offer too.

Detune confirm DSN-12 coming to Europe on the 25th

So, finally, not long to wait for the DSN-12, although I haven’t got a device that’ll actually run it! You can read their announcement on Facebook here.

Making Music with SunVox Tutorial 1 (this is an hour long video)

Music App Blog’s excellent resource list

I’m sure I’ve posted a link to this massive page of links before, but it really is a great comprehensive list of resources for iOS music making, and well worth checking and bookmarking.

7 Minutes with a Ipad Synth – iTuttle (video)


In case you missed it, bitLab is here

In case you missed it, bitLab, the new user generated hardware portal from littleBits, has opened. I think that this is really big news. Considering they are making this a democratic process. If the community votes up a module and over 1000 user vote for it then littleBits will make it. That’s awesome.

Jordantron Sound 0921 (video)

dot Melody (Multidimensional Arpeggiator, Sequencer, and Drum Machine) update

Here’s what’s new with dot Melody:

  • MIDI Out is now free – use dot Melody to control other software and hardware synthesizers.
  • iOS8 Ready!
  • Updated to latest Audiobus library.
  • Inter-app audio support.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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