The Bells of Qaraqosh are still Ringing by A Collection of Notes

Like most people I have been appalled by the situation in the Middle East against all the minority groups, Christians included. This track is perhaps me working out some of my feelings of helplessness when hearing of the suffering of so many people. Part of the track is the Catholic Church’s “Hail Mary” prayer, which is a prayer of intercession for the Virgin Mary, interleaved with BBC news reports from Qaraqosh & Mosul in Iraq from August 2014. When faced with this the only thing I can do is pray for the people caught up in this. The graphic is the Arabic “N” symbol, which was written above houses of Christians in Mosul, and has since been taken as a symbol of solidarity with them as part of the #WeAreN campaign. The stained glass collage is from the local church. Words: “Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.” (Location recording 14th July 2014 from Lourdes, France). “The largest Christian town is Qaraqosh. its now reported virtually empty. The entire population of around 50,000 have fled. Kurdish forces trying to resist the Islamists are in retreat” “This woman says we and our children ran away to save our lives. And left everything behind.” “Religious leaders say the world is doing nothing as the disaster unfolds.” “No humanitarian aid. United Nations they do nothing and the Iraqi government they do nothing. Nobody provide any assistance. People are dying.” (BBC News : Christians and Yazidis flee amid Islamic State warning – 7th August 2014) “The church bells are still ringing” (BBC News: Iraqi Christians flee after Isis issue Mosul ultimatum – 20th July 2014 ) Technically the track was produced entirely with NanoStudio on an iPad Mini and iPod Touch with the location recordings done using a Tascam iM2 microphone recording to Multitrack DAW and some processing of the recordings in Voice Synth & Space Sampler. Mastered by Tarekith at Inner Portal Studio (

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