Export to Ableton Live from Korg Apps & New Electribes (video)

“Go from inspiration to production with Korg’s apps and Electribes, and Ableton Live. Lay down and tweak your ideas with Gadget’s mobile studio for iPad, make loops with the gesture controls of iKaossilator, or go wild with the knobs on the Electribe or Electribe Sampler. Then, export your work as an Ableton Live Set, where you can edit, arrange, add effects, and keep grooving.

Don’t have Ableton Live yet? Get a free Live Lite License from within Gadget or iKaossilator. Learn more about this offer, and Ableton Live Set export:https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/korg-iapps-electribe-export-live-set/

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