The bitLab opens … littleBits brings us a user generated hardware store, and it’s going to be awesome

This is an amazing step forward in my view. I’ve been a fan of littleBits from the start and they’ve consistently delivered new and completely innovative modules on a regular basis. This latest development takes them into a whole new space. With their hardware development kit costing only $40 and having the ability to vote on modules from the community is amazing.

Already there are some great modules that you can reserve, the MakeyMakey module, and the Bare Conductive sensor (although I haven’t actually received my Touch Board as yet). Even more exciting is the bleepDrum module, and the possibility of so many more audio and music related modules that could take littleBits into all sorts of directions.

I think that the bitLab is going to through up some really interesting ideas in the very near future. The only drawback, I’m going to end up buying them.

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