Finger Drumming Session using iMPC Pro and JDtechTOOLS sound pack

Roland AIRA TB-3 – Different Uses (showing use with midiSequencer at about 1:50)

If you rely on MultiTrack DAW don’t upgrade to 8

I thought that this was a really good way to see the different sizes of the iPhone 6 in perspective


TKFX – Traktor Controller demo video

miniSynth 2 update brings IAA and more

Here’s what Yonac have to say …

“mini’s” 6th year on iOS….Thank You All for your curiosity, criticism, support, and your openness for the unknown. Exploring that with you has been our signal pleasure.

  • miniSynth 2 is now an Inter-App Audio instrument! You can use it with your favorite IAA host or IAA-compatible DAW
  • Newest Audiobus SDK
  • New, even more robust audio subsystem
  • Lots of other improvements

Getting Started littleBits Proto Module (video)

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