Update on Holderness Media apps …

SAMPLR iPad + Teenage Engineering OP-1 + Korg Volca Bass (video)

GuitarCapo+ Teaser 1 – Controlling iGrand Piano (video)

Shows the next version of GuitarCapo+ used as a MIDI controller playing sounds from iGrand Piano from IK Multimedia

All music is controlled from GC+

Ambient Jam #1 by Kevin Wyman

In case you missed the rather large round up from Sunday, you can find it right here

It was a bit of a big catch up on the whole. You can find the whole thing here.

Reminder: Conductak: Stick Circuits Anywhere (Kickstarter)


It’s still got 9 days days to go.


Here’s a good list of IAA apps

Here’s a great resource for Inter-App-Audio apps categorised into hosts FX and instruments, thanks to audre.io for this. Also their own app looks really interesting, and I’m hoping for some more information about it in the not too distant future.

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