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Only 2 months until the London Mini Maker Faire

Another great event coming up in only 2 months is the London Mini Maker Faire at Elephant and Castle. I went along last year, although I think it was earlier in the year in 2013. Anyway, you can get tickets and take a look at some of the cool stuff that is likely to be there. I’m going to try and be there myself although this will clash with day two of the Music Production Expo.

Anyway, full details plus tickets etc here.

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A4R – iOS version (video) … short, but looks very promising

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Good to see Molecule synth out and about

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Smile With Smule (video)

Video description:

“Want to win a trip for two to SF or NYC and star in the next Smule video?

Show us how you use Smule apps in your every day life.

To enter, just follow these two quick steps:

  1. Record a video of you and your friends using a Smule app! Make it around 15 seconds and don’t sweat the production values. We just want to see how Smule sparks a little joy into your world.:)
  2. Upload your video to YouTube, Vine or Instagram, and use “Smile with Smule” in the video title


Email a link to your video at: Contest@Smule.com!”

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A few wait list updates already

I’ve added a bunch of stuff to the wait list already this morning, which just reminds me that there’s plenty of good stuff coming up. I’m especially interested to see what comes of the iProphet stuff, if indeed it is true. I’m also really looking forward to the long awaited TweakyBeat update with MIDI.

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Happy birthday to "Air"

Mr Eno’s Air app first arrived on the app store today in 2009. A big happy birthday to Air!
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