BPM 2014 – Korg Electribe (video)

Whilst this video doesn’t really show off the device too well at least you get a reasonable talk through of what it’s capable of and get to see some of the features.

Also good to see that it’s actually battery powered.

Cotracks update brings overdub recording and much more

Here’s what’s new at Cotracks:

  • Overdub recording – add new notes to sequences by blending
  • Swing – nondestructive time and velocity swing control over the whole song or by individual tracks
  • Tap tempo – quickly synchronize playback tempo with external music by tapping
  • Audiobus 2 support – available on devices with iOS 7 and later
  • IAA – Inter App Audio support

In case you missed it from this morning, Final Touch from Positive Grid is 75% off

Yep, I just checked, it is still on sale, and with 75% off the price is down from $19.99 to just $4.99. That’s a bargain in anyone’s book.

Crafting EDM with Different Drummer (video)

Virsyn microTERA Ipad Synthesizer Sound Review Part I (video)

Controller Clinic: Mapping FX to Motion with Midi Fighter 3D & iPad (video)

7 Minutes with a Ipad Synth – Epic Synth (video)

TKFX – Traktor Controller for iPad arrives and is free

TKFX – Traktor Controller arrives for your iPad from the makers of LIVKONTROL. Here are the details:

TKFX is a dedicated Traktor Dj Effects controller that features an X/Y pad. TKFX allows you to use Traktor effects in a completely new way. Select the effect you want to use, assign effect parameters to X/Y pad axis, enabled the effect in the wished deck and touch the pad. The effect is automatically applied. When the pad is release, dry/wet starts decaying automatically.

TKFX is completely plug and play which means that you don’t need to waste countless hours in MIDI mapping. TKFX knows all about Traktor Dj effects, just select the effect you want and all it’s parameters and functions will be automatically reflected on the respective buttons. TKFX supports effect unit operation in single or group mode.

Key features:

  • X/Y pad
  • Plug & Play
  • Hold function
  • BPM sync
  • 4 effect units
  • 4 memory banks
  • Single or group mode
  • Wireless

For detailed documentation please visit www.tkfxapp.com

And the app is free:

Using Vittle To Make A Music Video (Sound Test Room Video)

midiSequencerLite update brings in many features from 1.6 full version

midiSequencerLite isn’t just a great way to work out if the full version is worth getting (and it is, just see the update to 1.7), but it is in fact a really handy MIDI sequencer in its own right now. Here’s what’s new in the update:

midiSequencerLite has been updated to include many features from v1.6 of Full version.

  • Limited to picking 1 CC
  • Chords available – limited to 2 notes, Maj/Min chord
  • Only 10 snapshots available for selection
  • Banks are compatible with full version.
  • Other limitations apply.

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