“Finally, it ran on the Pi with no glitches. Hoooorah!!!!

Summarizing again – 7 synths, 9 notes of polyphony, 4 stereo delays (with LPF), one global reverb (with LPF), no samples, everything computed live using naked maths for a warmer, more analog sound. And now running glitch-free at 900MHz thanks to an assembly-code insert from the foundation to force denormals to zero.

And with the core hardware only £20 and the software FREE AS IN BEER to anyone in full-time education, my dream of a synth per child can happen. Global synthpop anyone?

This thing will be hitting the schools in the Bath area over the next 12 months as my standard STEM Ambassador dog and pony show, keep your eyes and ears peeled.”

Via Raspberry Pi Synths.

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