midiSequencer 1.7 is a huge update with up to 16 MIDI controllers per step and more, so it’s worth checking out the app again

midiSequencer was already a really good sequencer app, but it just got loads better. Here’s what’s new:

This new version sees a major overhaul to include up to 16 midi controllers per step (Sysex, NRPN/RPN, named CC’s etc)


  • new colour scheme – cool blue.
  • monitor function – enables you to hear steps by touching. Can also play sliders (even whilst not playing) to make MS a controller interface.
  • complete rework of midi controllers – now have 16 midi controllers :
    • Each can be defined as Continuous(0..127), NRPN, RPN, Program Change, Aftertouch, Pitchbend or Sysex (or custom) data
    • Can record these into midiSequencer too.
    • Optional one byte entry for NRPN & RPN
    • CC’s can be named to match hardware (will update list on future updates – Novation Ultranova & Waldorf Q & Blofeld)
    • Key(polyphonic) or Channel(monophonic) aftertouch on step notes
    • Pitchbend (14 bit)
    • Hex pad entry for Sysex data (up to 76 bytes) with autolayout
    • Sysex data not restricted to sysex – can be any midi data you wish! Chain sysex using multiple CC’s.
    • Define 16 controllers in one panel – will reload on next runup or save/loaded with your snapshot.
  • limit controls – will narrow down lower/upper ranges for easy input & clip existing. Note: will reset on load to avoid clipping.
  • new ornament – 2 note tremolo (octave arpeggio)
  • new step logic : repeat notes x2 to x8 and stop
  • latched notes – use for drones (no midi note off sent until unlatched)
  • performance panel – One touch load with non-empty slot selected now loads immediately. Save Bank for quick save action
  • increased bank size up to 40 snapshots (20-40 accessible from performance panel)
  • big improvement on file/bank save/loading times and file size
  • file/Bank description increased from 50 to 120 characters
  • files Panel – can now sort by Name or Date (see small buttons at top of list)
  • tempo clock fraction multipliers now 1/2, 1/3 & 1/4
  • chords – can save current chord+notes as a preset and use to restore on other steps
  • auto close non-moveable panels by touching outside panel

bug fixes:

  • random button not showing options if pf panel open
  • app launch was timing out if many midi devices connected – now delaying scan until main screen shown
  • fixed Options when swapping from Slave to Master & v.v, and hide tempo slider if SLAVE
  • fixed cycle logic – change of direction, now stops at corrrect step
  • easier to select Transpose decrement button
  • bank name no longer shows as yellow after new save
  • exit on Files or Snapshots panels now correctly returns to that panel
  • removed duplicate buttons on New Bank has been modified.
  • shift L or R was corrupting steps & displaying at different place
  • play button would sometime be huge

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