Demon (track made in Caustic) – video

And just to follow that up, here’s someone who does plan to test the Apple Watch for music

CDM on the Apple Watch and a reminder about how people felt about mobile music not too long ago

CDM raises a few good points on the Apple Watch and its possible place in music making technology. I don’t disagree. However, it is early days with this technology, and I can remember when the iPhone came out people said things like “Why would I make music on an iPhone?”. Do I need to say more?

I think at this point we’ll just have to wait until next year to see how this technology might evolve and become useful. If it does, great, if not, never mind. But for now, let’s not rule out the possibilities.

midiSequencer 1.7 is a huge update with up to 16 MIDI controllers per step and more, so it’s worth checking out the app again

midiSequencer was already a really good sequencer app, but it just got loads better. Here’s what’s new:

This new version sees a major overhaul to include up to 16 midi controllers per step (Sysex, NRPN/RPN, named CC’s etc)


  • new colour scheme – cool blue.
  • monitor function – enables you to hear steps by touching. Can also play sliders (even whilst not playing) to make MS a controller interface.
  • complete rework of midi controllers – now have 16 midi controllers :
    • Each can be defined as Continuous(0..127), NRPN, RPN, Program Change, Aftertouch, Pitchbend or Sysex (or custom) data
    • Can record these into midiSequencer too.
    • Optional one byte entry for NRPN & RPN
    • CC’s can be named to match hardware (will update list on future updates – Novation Ultranova & Waldorf Q & Blofeld)
    • Key(polyphonic) or Channel(monophonic) aftertouch on step notes
    • Pitchbend (14 bit)
    • Hex pad entry for Sysex data (up to 76 bytes) with autolayout
    • Sysex data not restricted to sysex – can be any midi data you wish! Chain sysex using multiple CC’s.
    • Define 16 controllers in one panel – will reload on next runup or save/loaded with your snapshot.
  • limit controls – will narrow down lower/upper ranges for easy input & clip existing. Note: will reset on load to avoid clipping.
  • new ornament – 2 note tremolo (octave arpeggio)
  • new step logic : repeat notes x2 to x8 and stop
  • latched notes – use for drones (no midi note off sent until unlatched)
  • performance panel – One touch load with non-empty slot selected now loads immediately. Save Bank for quick save action
  • increased bank size up to 40 snapshots (20-40 accessible from performance panel)
  • big improvement on file/bank save/loading times and file size
  • file/Bank description increased from 50 to 120 characters
  • files Panel – can now sort by Name or Date (see small buttons at top of list)
  • tempo clock fraction multipliers now 1/2, 1/3 & 1/4
  • chords – can save current chord+notes as a preset and use to restore on other steps
  • auto close non-moveable panels by touching outside panel

bug fixes:

  • random button not showing options if pf panel open
  • app launch was timing out if many midi devices connected – now delaying scan until main screen shown
  • fixed Options when swapping from Slave to Master & v.v, and hide tempo slider if SLAVE
  • fixed cycle logic – change of direction, now stops at corrrect step
  • easier to select Transpose decrement button
  • bank name no longer shows as yellow after new save
  • exit on Files or Snapshots panels now correctly returns to that panel
  • removed duplicate buttons on New Bank has been modified.
  • shift L or R was corrupting steps & displaying at different place
  • play button would sometime be huge

In case you missed this from before, this is a great manifesto for music tech

If you haven’t seen this from Music Tech Fest, then it really is worth a read. It’s the Manifesto for Music Technology. It’s actually quite a powerful statement about music technology an applies equally in hardware, desktop or mobile worlds.

You should give it a read and see what you think, see if it changes what you think.

Nice to see Molecule Synth getting an outing at the Portland Maker Faire

Peter Vogel CMI Pro update for iOS8 and AB2

Here’s what’s new with Peter Vogel CMI Pro:

  • Provides compatibility with iOS 8 and Audiobus 2.1
  • Audiobus Presets are available for Audiobus 2: save your favourite song or instrument and load it from Audiobus. Use as many presets as you like.
  • This version requires iOS 7 or later.
  • The sampling page has better layout for iPad, and on the iPad the sampled waveform is now displayed.
  • Some bugs have been squashed.

Note that because of Audiobus 2 requirements, the CMI App is now only available for iOS 7 and later. If you are running iOS 5 or 6, you will only be able to install CMI 1.5.11, which is the last iOS 5 compatible version.

I posted about this before, but as we approach iOS8 next week I wondered what other developers thought of it

It almost a month ago I posted this video from Wooji Juice showing us a brief glimpse of how plugins might work in iOS8, and in this blog post Wooji goes into a lot more depth about how it could work and be implemented.

Now that iOS8 is nearly here, what do other developers think about the possibilities?

Reminder: Conductak on Kickstarter

Another handy maker type kickstarter which still has a couple of weeks to go and looks like it’ll make it too.

Being Boiled on a Raspberry Pi – first test by Pi Synth (audio)

“Fresh from the triumphs of Popcorn – the first Moog I ever heard as a 12 year old kiddie in 1972 – comes this, the first cool band in my lifetime to come from my home town, and still one of my all time synth classic tracks. So classic in fact that my sign-off test for this PIANA synth being done and dusted as a multi-part synthesizer was “it shall be capable of a halfway decent rendition of Being Boiled”. This is approaching a halfway decent version.

5 synths in total, which are –

Rattly snare thing – 2 note polyphony, it’s Fat Phil Collins with less echo, and it’s as close in spirit to the original Ian Marsh rhythm track as I could manage.

Kick – Fat Phil needed more bottom as he is bandpass filtered, so his bum gets removed. So he’s augmented by this monophonic resonant filter bass enhancer thing – sort of an 808 kick, it is just a resonant filter playing low notes.


Rezzy bass – a rezzy bass, with an actual 4th order filter on it

Reedy thing – a reedy thing, as seen yesterday on Popcorn

So, I still have 2 more synths of headroom on the Pi and already this is sounding pretty great. Amazing to know that the old Human League could gig for about a £50 equipment investment nowadays.

Yes, it’s not finished. Who cares. Just sit back and listen to the voice of Buddha, played on only 2 pitched synths and a bunch of percussive noises.”

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