Positive Grid – Jamup Pro XT – When Water Runs Deep – Untitled Song – Playthrough (video)

djay 2 for iPhone arrives with a lot of new ‘stuff’

Here’s what’s new in djay 2 for iPhone:

Introducing djay 2.6, a free update with new content, new MIDI controller support, improved Spotify integration + lots of other improvements.

  • NEW Sample Pack: Drop Science by GENERAL ELECTRIC
  • NEW plug & play support and optimized UI for all-new Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3 controller
  • NEW setting to distinguish major and minor when key detection is enabled
  • Improved Spotify integration: now BPM and KEY are shown in the media browser (even for tracks that have not been analyzed yet)
  • Improved Spotify integration: songs that you have listened to before are now marked in the library so you can find undiscovered tracks more easily
  • Improved sort by KEY: now tracks with matching keys are highlighted with color
  • Improved sorting: now sort order is maintained when switching iTunes or Spotify playlists
  • Improved Edit Grid: now fixes misaligned beat grids by re-analyzing the track based on the downbeat you set (and optionally your tapped BPM)
  • Improved VoiceOver integration
  • Fixed crash when selecting certain FX on Numark Mixdeck Quad
  • Lots of bugfixes and overall improvements

Oscilab is still on sale

Oscilab is still on sale at its launch price of $4.99. A bargain in my view

How to make your own DIY Instrument Orchestra! (video from Technology Will Save Us)

The DIY Instrument Orchestra! (video from Technology Will Save Us)

Introduction to the new DIY Instrument from Technology Will Save Us (video)

These guys are really worth keeping an eye on …

The stuff that they built at Music Tech Fest was really amazing, and I for one am certainly going to stay in touch. You can find them at:


Orphion 1.7 on the way

Petites Ondes demo and Tutorial for iPad (Sound Test Room video)

New version of M3000 in the store

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