Volca Bass Control Lemur Template (video)

This could be very handy if you’re a Volca Bass user and a Lemur user too.

Different Drummer 3.01 Interval Visualizer (video)

Mr Concreted0g connecting up as ever … Ototo and Sunvox, inspired!

MIDI Designer Pro Demo (Sound Test Room Demo)

BitWiz getting an update soon!

BIAS – Guitar Amp Designer and Modeler for iPhone updated

BIAS for iPhone gets an update. Here’s what’s new:

“The app has three new BIAS Expansion Packs via in-app purchase. They are dedicated preamp, power amp and cabinet modules for various playing styles and tone: Glassy, Crunch and Insane.”

Mr Concreted0g with his new Ototo …

And they are enormous fun to mess about with …

korgGadgetSound0906 (video)

ThumbJam update brings iOS8 compatability just in time

Here’s what’s new in ThumbJam:

  • updated to latest Audiobus SDK, and improved IAA support
  • fixed iOS8 compatibility issues
  • multi-instrument presets are now saved explicitly
  • fixed monophonic mode issues with split screen
  • fixed sustain and sustain lock issue when recording loops
  • fixed crash on iTunes song selection and playing
  • added option (defaulting to off) to toggle visibility of All Off button
  • centered pan via midi (CC10) allows for default panning of instruments
  • fixed issue with monitoring when in Audiobus output slot

Jacob Haq on Amplify’s NOiZE app

You’ve probably seen a fair amount of coverage from me about Studio Amplify’s NOiZE app recently. Well just to show that it isn’t only me who’s interested in this app and how it’s developing, here’s a post from Jacob Haq about NOiZE, and he seems pretty excited about it too.

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