Volca Bass Control Lemur Template (video)

This could be very handy if you’re a Volca Bass user and a Lemur user too.

Different Drummer 3.01 Interval Visualizer (video)

Mr Concreted0g connecting up as ever … Ototo and Sunvox, inspired!

MIDI Designer Pro Demo (Sound Test Room Demo)

BitWiz getting an update soon!

BIAS – Guitar Amp Designer and Modeler for iPhone updated

BIAS for iPhone gets an update. Here’s what’s new:

“The app has three new BIAS Expansion Packs via in-app purchase. They are dedicated preamp, power amp and cabinet modules for various playing styles and tone: Glassy, Crunch and Insane.”

Mr Concreted0g with his new Ototo …

And they are enormous fun to mess about with …

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