unimator looks like it could be a great deal of fun for making text art, so I thought it was really worth showing. Here’s what the app has to say about itself:

Create quick and fun text and sign animations! Use the whole character set of the device including Smileys, Emojis, and other symbols and scripts.
Enter the texts with a special keyboard that shows all possible characters. Make animated ascii-art and astonishing text animations in a very short time.


  • Export to video & animated gif
  • Share animations on twitter and facebook easily
  • New unicode keyboard to enter all possible characters
  • Similarity function assists in the search for similar characters
  • Sounds to accompany the animations
  • Text to speech
  • Use any music on your device as a background soundtrack for your animation
  • Display animations on an external screen
  • Send the sound via Audiobus to other music or sound effect apps (requires purchase of Audiobus app)

And it only costs $0.99, so it really isn’t going to break the bank is it?

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