An interesting message from Audiobus

I’m sure that if you’re a user of Audiobus you probably got this the today:

Hello, friends of Audiobus!

With iOS 8 around the corner, this is the time to make sure all your devices are running the latest version of iOS 7. Why? Because once iOS 8 launches, you’ll only be able to update directly to iOS 8, not iOS 7.

We always urge caution with updating to a major new OS release, until any “teething issues” are worked out – particularly given that there’s no easy way to downgrade iOS – and this time is no exception. So, you might want to stick with a tried and tested iOS version until you’re sure you want to take the next step. This tried and tested version is iOS 7, and we recommend updating to the latest version of it right now.

Whether you update to iOS 8 now or later, be sure to check our iOS 8 compatible apps list before you take the plunge. Apps that are not on this list will not work with Audiobus on iOS 8. We also recommend checking our forum to find out what experiences others are having with the update, so you can proceed with confidence.

Happy updating

So I’m guess that means that the AB guys are expecting iOS8 to land tomorrow. Fair?

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