SUPER-LOOPER is a free iPad app that you can try on the web first

iOS doesn’t really give us much in the way of try before you buy let’s face it. Developers have to give you free versions with IAPs etc. You all know the score. Buy SUPER-LOOPER is an app that you can try on the web first, which is nice, even though it’s a free app.

The app is described as:

Cool and fun music making app, shaped by the sounds of the ’80s!

  • So easy to make music anyone can do it!
  • Use the loops to build up layers and tracks.
  • Record your creations and share them with friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Use sounds from the greatest analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

iOS8 is around the corner (probably) what’s you plan?

So, will you be updating to iOS8 from tomorrow, if one assumes that it’s launching tomorrow of course. Historically there have always been problems with iOS version updates. Most significantly of course was iOS7 which caused loads of problems for people, users and developers alike.

So what’s your plan? Head straight in, or wait a while and see what everyone else does?

Hello, Retronyms working on Arturia iProphet

Did you know?

OP-1 CASE + MONOLITH (video)

OP-1 CASE + MONOLITH by Pendeo from Pendeo on Vimeo.

Beautiful, not cheap though. Available to Pendeo.

Conductive Ink and Bluetooth LE is going to bring amazing possibilities

And I think Novalia are going to be really important in bringing it to life. More on this soon …

An interesting message from Audiobus

I’m sure that if you’re a user of Audiobus you probably got this the today:

Hello, friends of Audiobus!

With iOS 8 around the corner, this is the time to make sure all your devices are running the latest version of iOS 7. Why? Because once iOS 8 launches, you’ll only be able to update directly to iOS 8, not iOS 7.

We always urge caution with updating to a major new OS release, until any “teething issues” are worked out – particularly given that there’s no easy way to downgrade iOS – and this time is no exception. So, you might want to stick with a tried and tested iOS version until you’re sure you want to take the next step. This tried and tested version is iOS 7, and we recommend updating to the latest version of it right now.

Whether you update to iOS 8 now or later, be sure to check our iOS 8 compatible apps list before you take the plunge. Apps that are not on this list will not work with Audiobus on iOS 8. We also recommend checking our forum to find out what experiences others are having with the update, so you can proceed with confidence.

Happy updating

So I’m guess that means that the AB guys are expecting iOS8 to land tomorrow. Fair?

So this is coming and will make the Atmegatron owners very happy

You might remember that I did a video (below) and interview a while ago with Paul from Soulsby Synths. Well I bumped into him at the Music Tech Fest Hack on Saturday and Sunday as well, and he showed me the picture above which is going to be Lemur template for working with the Atmegatron. Sorry for the slightly blurred picture, but I was in a hurry!

If you’ve no idea about what the Atmegatron is, here’s a little video tour …

I’m also waiting patiently for the Atmegatron mini too. I think that’ll be pretty awesome to make. So we expect great things from Soulsby Synths, and I didn’t even get a chance to see his hack yesterday!

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