NOiZE – Digital Band Preview! Available to play with live today at the Royal Festival Hall !!! (video)

Here’s a little preview of what we’re going to be we’re going to be showcasing at the Royal Festival Hall this Saturday (6th September!).

We’re syncing three iPads together, all running different NOiZE instruments, to create a very futuristic “Digital Band”.

Created for the The Beautiful Octopus Club, the largest multi-media club night in London, we wanted to make an experience that was accessible and sounded great! Any one can turn up and jam on our intuitive instruments – you don’t need to be a musician!

Come down and play this Saturday! We’re excited to hear what you make!

T A K E T E – Audio/Visual Performer for iOS (video)

Available late this year apparently.

From Music Tech Fest London: Nice to see Rob Thomas still doing really interesting things

Spot the app …

Nice to see King Crimson using this!

All humbleTUNE apps are being updated for iOS8

Reminder: Korg apps on sale until the 8th

Don’t forget that Korg have put all their apps on sale until the 8th, so iPolysix is now $19.99, iMS-20 is also $19.99, iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition is $9.99, the regular iELECTRIBE is also $9.99, as is iKaossilator, and Gadget (which has two new gadgets available as IAPs) is down to $28.99.

E–Theremin MKII for iPad arrives

E–Theremin MKII arrives. Here are the details.

Turning your iPad in to a classic sounding theremin.

The E-Theremin MkII translates the unique and distinctly eerie sound of the theremin onto a digital interface, allowing you to control pitch and volume on a x/y pad. A second x/y pad is provided for controlling vibrato. Additional controls are accessible for control of the waveform, low pass filter, and envelopes. Two DSP effects; reverb and delay let you take your sound to a whole new level. The reverb’s room size can be set to small room all the way up to unearthly vast spaces.

Get the that classic sci-fi / horror sound!
Get the E-Theremin MkII!

The app costs $1.99.

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