Noatikl 2 adds IAA, AB2 and more

Here’s what’s new in Noatikl 2:

  • Added support for Apple Inter-App Audio, meaning you can record directly in e.g. GarageBand without requiring Audiobus
  • Audiobus updated to Audiobus 2
  • When you make a change to a Partikl knob setting the pop-up bottom slider no longer immediately auto-hides; you now have have a few seconds to make further changes via the slider
  • Selecting a SF2 patch in the Wavetable Unit no longer auto closes the dialog, improving sound previewing
  • We’ve refined how the IAP and timeout works to give more granularity and allow ads; purchasors of the prior all-in-one IAP will see no ads and have the same unlocked functionality they had before
  • Various bug fixes, plus other changes to support the above

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