KORG Announces mini kaoss pad 2S (“S” for sampler)

KORG Announces mini kaoss pad 2S ("S" for sampler)


Customizing the Jamstik’s Picking Setting via the HTML Page (video)

Nature Oscillator Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

Different Drummer 3 arrives

Here’s what’s new in version 3 of Different Drummer:

  • Audiobus 2 with State Saving and remote toggle
  • New Beat Wave that manipulates the beat value
  • New Triangle Wave Shape Type that adds chaos to the mix
  • New Noise Wave Shape Type that adds chaos to the mix
  • New Wave Inverter
  • Improved performance, especially when running longer
  • Cleaner audio
  • Entirely revamped Automation Panel gives tons of new controls
  • Metronome toggle
  • CPM and Phase wheels now use entire screen
  • Improved UI
  • Now sends MIDI to connected hardware without MIDI Bridge as well as some other MIDI bugs fixed
  • Various minor bug fixes

Ondes : Expressive Electronic Instrument (video)

Ondes from Olympia Noise Co has arrived

Ondes is an extraordinarily fun and expressive musical instrument for iPad.

Inspired by early electronic instruments such as the Ondes Martenot and the Theremin, Ondes emulates the fluid playing style of those classic instruments with an interface and synthesis engine firmly grounded in the present day.

Whether you’re gliding through melodies & chord changes or creating dense polyphonic sci-fi soundscapes, Ondes is an instrument unlike any you’ve played before.

Recommended for use with headphones or external speakers.

Ondes is the latest music app from Olympia Noise Co., developer of App Store Editor’s Choice* Chordion.

Expressive Playing Surface

  • Slide freely between notes, Ondes doesn’t limit you to the keys on a keyboard.
  • Adjustable note snapping for ultimate flexibility in playing style and ease of use.
  • Vertical movements change volume, adding dynamic possibility to your music.
  • More polyphony than you have fingers!
  • One and half octave keyboard range moveable from C1 to F#6.
  • Guidelines in any major or minor key.

Unique Synthesis Engine

  • Morphing wavetable oscillator with five wavetable sets.
  • Wavetable modulation sources include y-axis, sine wave, noise, circle, and ADSR envelope.
  • Resonant low pass filter.
  • Filter modulation sources include ADSR envelope, sine wave, and y-axis.
  • Amplifier section with master volume and ADSR envelope.


  • Large selection of reverb types with adjustable amount.
  • Delay effect adjustable level, feedback, time and filter.

Beautiful Design

  • Visualization of synthesis parameters makes for fun and intuitive editing of parameters.
  • Clutter free screen lets you focus on making music.

Built-in Manual
Audiobus and interapp audio included. Record directly to Garageband and other audio apps on your iPad.

Supports Audiobus State-Saving

* Chordion: App Store Editor’s Choice in 23 Countries, App Store Best of 2013, Innovative Music Apps, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Ondes is priced at $7.99.

Back in 2007, what a shock it was! Palm cancelled their Foleo device

Yep, it was a shock back then, but perhaps in hindsight something of a signal that they had really lost the plot. Here’s the original post.

Back in 2007: The London launch of the Tenori-on

Amazing to think that this device was launched back in 2007 and paved the way for so many grid-like interfaces. Here’s my brief original post.
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