Remember NOiZE? It’s still coming along and we’ve got a world exclusive opportunity for you to try it out first hand

You’ll remember that we’ve seen a couple of videos of NOiZE from Studio Amplify this summer. The first showing a teaser of what NOiZE could do, and the second showing another interface made with NOiZE. Well after seeing these great videos and the potential that the app has I talked to Studio Amplify about them bringing NOiZE to our SoundLab project, in under two weeks we’re bringing NOiZE to the Royal Festival Hall at our Beautiful Octopus Club event on the 6th of September.

On Tuesday we had the first test of the NOiZE interfaces that we’ll be using on the  6th. We had a small group or users to try these out and the response was fantastic. An overwhelming thumbs up!

But to give you a balanced view, we did encounter one fairly big problem, and that was that no one wanted to stop playing with NOiZE, all our testers were just having too much fun. But that’s a good problem to have.

So after a good couple of hours of testing and finding the obligatory bugs that need squashing we were good to go. NOiZE will be one part of what we’ve got to show at the Beautiful Octopus Club on the 6th.

You won’t see NOiZE in wild before the event, so it really is a complete world exclusive for SoundLab and for the Beautiful Octopus Club.

So if you’re in London near the South Bank on the 6th come along. Say hello, and play with NOiZE! It’s going to be amazing …

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