MultitrackStudio for iPad updated to version 1.4

Here’s what’s new with MultitrackStudio for iPad:

  • Overview bar (above tracks) shows editor data while scrolling an editor. Works for all editors except the Song Editor.
  • Editors: needle no longer moves while scrolling with one finger. Use two fingers to move needle too.
  • Opening track editor: height is identical to existing open track editors (if any).
  • Editors scroll faster after scrolling in the same direction repeatedly.
  • Track name box flashes after closing the track editor, making the track easier to find.
  • Audio input level fader now appears in the main view when it’s needed (the Input button is removed).
  • Audio track: input selector shows level meters even if Rec button isn’t engaged.
  • New ‘Chords’ onscreen keyboard (play chords with one finger).
  • Onscreen keyboard: keys can be wider (zoom with two fingers on the gray bar at the top).
  • Reverb effect now has Lo Freq, Lo Mult, Hi Cut, Spin en Width knobs.
  • Uses Audiobus 2.1.2 SDK (iOS 8 ready). iOS 7 or newer is now required because of this.
  • Extension Pack (in-app purchase) now includes mixer and effect automation.
  • Fixed: audio editors could flicker while scrolling backwards.

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