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I was going to delete this app from my iPhone, but I couldn’t, and here’s why …

When you watch this you may (or may not) agree that this was actually pretty far ahead of it’s time for what it was trying to achieve. I love the fact that you can replay whole performances and just watch what you did.

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Another reminder for our Panel at SXSW …

I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but if you can do anything to help, i.e. by voting for it then that would be very much appreciated.

So if you think that mobile music should get a bigger voice at SXSW in 2015 then click here and vote for our panel, it would be just great to get some more visibility for the world of mobile music at SXSW, so if you think that’s worthwhile, then click here and vote.

Thanks for your support.

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Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer (video)

Another useful video from the Sound Test Room.

Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer on the app store.

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MultitrackStudio for iPad updated to version 1.4

Here’s what’s new with MultitrackStudio for iPad:

  • Overview bar (above tracks) shows editor data while scrolling an editor. Works for all editors except the Song Editor.
  • Editors: needle no longer moves while scrolling with one finger. Use two fingers to move needle too.
  • Opening track editor: height is identical to existing open track editors (if any).
  • Editors scroll faster after scrolling in the same direction repeatedly.
  • Track name box flashes after closing the track editor, making the track easier to find.
  • Audio input level fader now appears in the main view when it’s needed (the Input button is removed).
  • Audio track: input selector shows level meters even if Rec button isn’t engaged.
  • New ‘Chords’ onscreen keyboard (play chords with one finger).
  • Onscreen keyboard: keys can be wider (zoom with two fingers on the gray bar at the top).
  • Reverb effect now has Lo Freq, Lo Mult, Hi Cut, Spin en Width knobs.
  • Uses Audiobus 2.1.2 SDK (iOS 8 ready). iOS 7 or newer is now required because of this.
  • Extension Pack (in-app purchase) now includes mixer and effect automation.
  • Fixed: audio editors could flicker while scrolling backwards.

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ToneStack GO! for iOS (video)

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CONDUCTR Upcoming new feature | Ableton Live controller for iPad (video, and it’s here already)

I missed this video, so you know by know that this feature is already live, but I thought it was worth putting out the video too just so you could see how it all hangs together.

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Conductr 1.2 brings a new take on the XY controller

As you may remember Conductr is now working on a freemium model. Conductr 1.2 brings a new 4 dimensional XY Pad that CDM thinks is the best XY controller on the iPad so far.

Anyway, here’s the details of the update:


  • Each XY-4D pad can contain up to 4 fx units.
  • Control up to 4 parameters in a single fx unit: one horizontally (X), one vertically (Y), one by pinching (Z) and one on/off parameter by tapping (K).
  • Each fx unit has a reset and a freeze mode.
  • Control 16 parameters in a single XY-4D pad.
  • Control up to 64 parameters with the Playground’s 4 User Modules view mode.

NOTE: The Conductr freemium version includes one XY-4D fx unit. You can purchase the Premium User Modules to get unlimited user modules, each one of them featuring four XY-4D fx units.

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ToneStack GO for iOS arrives

Yonac brings us ToneStack GO (universal), the freemium version of ToneStack GO. Here’s the detail:

ToneStack GO is the ultimate in signal processing: with the largest variety of amps & FX, the latest advancements in modeling technology, and an unbelievably powerful yet simple interface – it simply shreds all the other guys.

Right away, enjoy a classic amp & cab, and 7 meticulously designed FX. Expand to a total of 24 amps & cabs, and 71 FX – the largest collection on iOS.

Thanks to ToneStack GO’s state-of-the-art “Virtual Circuit” technology, each ToneStack GO unit is the digital mirror image of a real analog topology. Unlike other FX apps that try to copycat with EQing and other gimmicks, ToneStack GO recreates the intricate designs of the real thing. The result is a warm, responsive tone with the natural behavior you find in analog units.

Amazing Selection of Pro Amps & FX

ToneStack GO offers a huge range of amps, cabs & FX: sizzling tube amps, iconic stompboxes, pro-grade rack units, and high-end reverbs make ToneStack GO the most complete plugin suite on the iOS.

ToneStack GO also brings many powerful guitar FX to the iOS for the first time: polyphonic octaver, harmonizer, realistic spring reverbs, virtual-reel tape delays are just a few examples.

The Most Versatile Signal Chain on iOS

Why be limited with just 4 or 8 FX that other guys max you out at? ToneStack GO lets you run a whopping 64 amps & effects simultaneously* so you can let your imagination run wild.

For even more power, ToneStack GO includes a unique ABY unit not found in other FX apps. Split your signal anywhere: run dual amp setups, switch or blend FX chains, or multiplex your signal via frequency splitting – countless permutations, all up to you.

You can match any amp with any cab (all cabs have 3 mics with distance & position settings); you can insert any unit anywhere – even between amps and cabs like a true FX loop. Managing your signal chain is as easy as dragging and dropping an icon!

All the Pro Features of iOS

Enjoy the full power of the platform’s top MIDI and Preset systems. MIDI learn is super-intuitive thanks to ToneStack GO’s interface: all the amp & FX controls are MIDI-programmable. Effortlessly create UNLIMITED banks and presets – share them at the touch of a button. ToneStack GO is an Inter-App Audio effect, and works in any Audiobus slot.


  • “Virtual Circuit” amp & FX modeling technology
  • Units modeled after real-life topologies
  • ABY: split signal anywhere, use dual amp setups, blend, pan or switch FX chains & more
  • Complete collection: 24 amps & cabs, 71 FX, with stompboxes & rack-units and more!
  • 64 simultaneous amps & FX*
  • Independent amps & cabs
  • 3 mics per cab w/ distance & position setting
  • 8-Track recorder w/ 2 tracks free
  • Tapedeck w/ punch looping, sample-accurate rec, pitch/time manipulation, FX send & more
  • Tuner w/ permanent & fullscreen modes
  • Metronome, tap tempo, settable time signature
  • BPM sync mods & LFOs
  • onSTAGE mode w/ quick preset load & FX toggle
  • Unlimited banks & presets; easy preset sharing & more
  • Extremely powerful MIDI: control any amp or FX parameter
  • Easy MIDI Learn
  • MIDI prog changes + bank & preset up/down
  • Audiobus: input, FX, output, state-saving
  • Inter-App Audio FX
  • Audio copy/paste, email, WiFi, iTunes sharing
  • And a lot more!


  • Works with iOS compatible USB or headphone jack interfaces (USB recommended for best audio quality)
  • Requires iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5 or newer

Visit us at www.yonac.com

* Device CPU limitations apply

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XK-1 synthesizer with Xkey (video)

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Color Chime (universal) arrives

Color Chime arrives for your iOS devices …

Shapes, colors, sound! Make music in seconds with Color Chime.

Tap to create a melodic sound collage. Includes simple controls for timbre, scale, tempo, delay, filter cutoff and filter resonance.

Color Chime is an amusement park for your fingers and a bubble bath for your ears.

And it’s free too.