MicroBrute Modulation via SGenerator and FX via Audiobus and DAW (video)

Video description:

“A demonstration of using outboard FX via Audiobus on an iPad connected via an iConnectMIDI4+ to a MacBook running Studio One Pro 2 and Sgenerator to modulate the MicroBrute Metalizer to build up a spacey / ambient / experimental patch sound.

The MicroBrute audio is sent using the Pipeline Stereo plugin to the iPad and then to the UltraChannel plugin strip in Studio One.

SGenerator is used to modulate the Metalizer CV in on the MicroBrute.

(BTW: I appreciate the sync of the FX vs. the MB is off in a couple of places – I was playing things live while tweaking 🙂 IRL I’d also send appropriate sync everywhere as well).”

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