A new app from the maker of Sunvox, Nature Oscillator arrives

From Alex, maker of the excellent Sunvox and many other great app comes Nature Oscillator, here’s what it does …

The world around us is an endless source of visual information, the flow of the fractal code of life. “Nature – Oscillator” is one of the attempts to translate this code to sound, using spectral synthesis algorithm of the Virtual ANS engine (software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS). The program continuously reads the image from the camera and interprets it as the spectrum of the sound. And you can easily control the scanning curve: its amplitude, type and speed.

[ How to use ]

Start the app and you will hear the sound immediately. Try to move the camera and you will hear the sound change.
If there is no sound for some reason – try to reduce the Quality parameter in the app menu.

How to change the scanning curve:

  • amplitude: touch the screen and slide up or down;
  • speed: touch the screen and slide left or right;
  • type: use the slider at the top of the screen.

Any sound can be recorded by pressing the REC button on the right side of the screen.

The app costs $1.99 (£1.49).

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