Beat-Machine get a first update for close to a year

Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Beat-Machine, and it’s a big update:

  • Redesigned user interface! It’s faster and easier to use!
  • Way better iPhone 5 interface
  • Pads light up when sample is triggered
  • 64 bit audio engine
  • More vintage emulation
  • Improved MIDI clock sync
  • Sample accurate Inter App Audio tempo sync / timeline integration
  • Inter App Audio Instrument node / IAA MIDI support
  • Note off events can be sent when a sample is done playing / Note off events can be received to cut off a playing sample
  • More accurate tap tempo
  • New dark color scheme in addition to classic vintage white
  • Sample rate decimator / bit crusher added to sample player for vintage crunch
  • “Feel” algorithm emulates the subtle timing variances in the clocks of vintage beat boxes
  • Feel algorithm also works on MIDI output
  • Record can be toggled while the sequencer is playing
  • Measure seek
  • Filter has been added to the delay to emulate analog delay sounds
  • Samples can be purged from pads
  • Speed control added to the sample player (this works independently from 16 Levels, i.e. they both work at the same time)
  • Song mode! String your patterns together on a timeline to create a song
  • Audiobus 2: back in the habit
  • Audiobus 2 state saving
  • Audioshare import / export
  • New IAP: Drum Synthesizer! Create classic analog drum sounds and trigger them with the sequencer (iPad only) or sample the sounds you create to pads (all devices). Makes the fattest 808 kicks.
  • New IAP: Time / Pitch / Vinyl! Change the duration of an audio sample without changing the pitch or change the pitch without changing the duration. This uses the classic (offline) timestretching algorithms found on old MPC’s and other vintage samplers that gave so many classic hip hop beats “that sound.” It also includes a vinyl record emulator that processes the audio sample rather than just overlay hiss and crackle on top of it. Dust, hiss, electrical interference, record wear and groove distortion are all adjustable to add a little crackle to your audio samples… or destroy them.

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