Here’s what’s new in ToneStack 1.2:

  • Revamped connections screen
  • You can now toggle any unit directly on the connections screen: simply tap the unit’s name, located underneath its icon
  • Similarly, tap on ABY icons’ name area to cycle through splitting modes
  • Color coded icons for instant visual feedback
  • ToneStack now comes standard with a volume pedal so that you can use your favorite MIDI controller for swells or level adjustments. The Volume Pedal is located in the Modulation category.
  • 3 types of output limiting / clipping protection: Tape 1, Tape 2 & Standard. Select the type or disable by going to AUDIO PREFS menu
  • Increased sound definition
  • Extended MIDI connectivity preferences
  • Can now individually turn hardware or virtual MIDI in ports on/off
  • Individual input & clock toggles for hardware & networked MIDI connections
  • New MIDI learn features
  • Can now map MIDI values to a new range using MIDI Min/Max properties (continuous parameters)
  • CC State Control option for continuous parameters: when enabled, automatically turns off associated unit when MIDI value is 0; if MIDI value is increased, turns unit back on.
  • Ability choose Latch or Momentary control type for toggles & switches
  • MIDI Tap Tempo
  • Increased output levels for delays
  • Improved unit replace (touch & hold) behavior
  • Silent switching
  • Audiobus state saving: now saves the complete preset into Audiobus, so you can share via Audiobus
  • Other improvements & fixes

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