An once again I have to apologise for not doing a round up in ages, but here’s another massive round up for today …

I know, it’s dreadful, no round ups for weeks, but I will try to get back into a regular pattern for these very soon. Anyway, for now, here’s a round up of everything since the last one I wrote which was back on the 13th of July!

14th July:

15th July:

16th July:

17th July:

18th July:

21st July:

22nd July:

23rd July:

24th July:

25th July:

  • Where are we with Android? This post might answer some of your questions hopefully

29th July:

31st July:

1st August: 

4th August:

5th August:

6th August:

7th August:

8th August:

  • TOPLAPapp gets just a minor update but at least it’s something and great to see that Mr Collins is still active 

Well, that’s all for now, sorry again that it’s taken so long. Tomorrow we’ll get back to the normal mobile music world.

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