This composition was written on my deck on a beautiful Aug afternoon. I used my Bass Station 2, Korg MicroKorg and my Korg Kaoss 2 mini for the sounds. I recorded the tracks using my iPad mini2. The DAW I used is Auria. The drums and the piano are from the Kaoss pad. The bass, modulated bass, high theramin type lead are all bass station. The pads and strings and the chirping are all from the MicroKorg. I really enjoyed myself with this one. Everything seemed to fall into place while I was recording. I hope you like it. I mixed it in Auria. The fx used there were convolution reberb and the PSP microWarmer. Then I copy and pasted the mixdown into Audio Mastering and tweaked a preset for the mastering. It was uploaded directly from Audio Mastering to soundcloud. Thanks for listening.

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