Transmitter : KORG DSN-12 (video)

Video Description:

“Experimental soundtrack on KORG DSN-12 for the short movie.

There is a story,
Little bit heavy and dark soundtrack because it represent the strange dream I saw long time before. I saw a transmitting anntena… Maybe that dream was caused by my old memory, when I was kid I lived in the near place of this kind of AM Radio transmitter station, I strongly remember white and red colored very tall vertical antenna. This is not the place I lived before but when I found this place and saw the antenna it recalled my old memory, then visited this place to shoot a move and this is it…

Telephoto movie : Canon powershot G12
Wide-angle movie : ZOOM Q4
Soundtrack : ZOOM Q4
Edited with kdenlive and Openshot on Debian wheezy.”

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