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IK Multimedia’s iRig MIDI 2, unboxing …

iRig MIDI 2. The packaging is substantial, nicely put together and clear. Pretty much what you’d expect from IK Multimedia.

Inside the box is the usual materials from IK Multimedia. You know the kind of thing.

Inside the box is the device itself and its two cables set separately in their own little box.

Here’s the whole thing, separated from it packaging, nice as it is. The two cable s are standard USB and a lightening cable for use with an iOS device.

In my next post I’ll be seeing how the iRig MIDI 2 works out with a number of apps on my iPad Mini.

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The Sound Test Room: The Epic Guide To Samplr for iPad (video)

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Audulus 4 Channel Drum Machine (video)

A drum machine – 4 channel step sequencer and 4x drum synths.

Made using Audulus …

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Tera Synth High Quality Audio Demo (video)

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Jam Maestro: Internal Sounds Demo (HQ video)

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MobMuPlat Patch::Polysine (video)

Video description:

“My third patch I want to share. A polyphonic sine wav synth with some nifty effects. Enjoy!”

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MobMuPlat Patch::MultiFX (video)

Video description:

“Here is the second patch I wanted to share. It’s a multiFX processor and all knobs are controllable on midi channel 1, CC# 1-10.”

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Transmitter : KORG DSN-12 (video)

Video Description:

“Experimental soundtrack on KORG DSN-12 for the short movie.

There is a story,
Little bit heavy and dark soundtrack because it represent the strange dream I saw long time before. I saw a transmitting anntena… Maybe that dream was caused by my old memory, when I was kid I lived in the near place of this kind of AM Radio transmitter station, I strongly remember white and red colored very tall vertical antenna. This is not the place I lived before but when I found this place and saw the antenna it recalled my old memory, then visited this place to shoot a move and this is it…

Telephoto movie : Canon powershot G12
Wide-angle movie : ZOOM Q4
Soundtrack : ZOOM Q4
Edited with kdenlive and Openshot on Debian wheezy.”

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SpaceThereminPro (universal) arrives

SpaceThereminPro arrived. I like the idea of a theremin type app that’s a ‘pro’ version. What also caught my eye was the mention of RJDJ in the app description, which is here:

Spacey Theremin Instruments app.
Touch&move screen, will change pitch and Cosmic Delay Sounds!!

Pro Version is No ad.

Shake phone, put menu
at menu-> setting
Delay Time, Delay Feedback, wave(Sine or Saw) and softness

Features will be added:
Control by sensor like rjdj.
Multi touch.
and more…

Recommended for those who like:
Bloom Music Sampler keyboards piano guitar bass drum sequencer Psychedelic Media Arts Reactable Loop Theremini Animoog

It costs $0.99

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Rheyne – Live Jam #101 (video)