Meteor Lite Multitrack Recorder arrives

Meteor Lite Multitrack Recorder from 4Pockets has arrived. The first thing I wanted to know was how restricted this version was, but actually, when you look at what’s missing it isn’t much at all. Here’s the limitations:

“This version of Meteor does does not include MIDI support, the WAVE Editor, or simultaneous multi-track recording which are available in the full version. You can however purchase these as In-Apps to give the same functionality of its bigger brother.”

Not bad really. The lite version of Meteor costs $8.99 against the full version at $19.99, so I don’t think that this is a bad deal at all.

Anyway, here’s the full app description:

Meteor is a digital multi-track recorder DAW designed specifically for the iPad, featuring up to 32 high quality audio or MIDI tracks, complete with built in Mixer and Multi-FX Processor.

Key Features:

  • Record up to 12 tracks (upgradable to 32) of CD quality audio.
  • CoreMidi Compatible (see limitations above)
  • Multi-Effects Processor.
  • Integrated 32 channel Mixer with 3 Band EQ per channel.
  • Supports up to 24 Inputs and Outputs
  • Midi Editor (In-App) Edit MIDI Note and Controllers
  • Virtual Instruments.
  • Sound Cloud, DropBox, and Copy & Paste Support.
  • AudioBus Support.
  • Apple Inter App Audio (IAA).
  • Import & Export Midi Files (In-App Required).
  • MIDI Clock Sync with External Hardware.
  • Integrated Sample Editor.
  • 3 Insert Effects Per Track.
  • 3 Global Send Effect Busses
  • Insert Effect and Virtual Instrument Freeze facility to reduce CPU load.
  • Record Effects & Record Monitor
  • Mixer and Effect Automation
  • Metronome
  • Stereo Mixdown / Bounce Facility
  • Import samples and iPod songs.
  • Export to compressed CAF, M4A and WAV formats
  • Automatic Delay Compensation
  • In-App Purchases through the Online Shop found in the Help Menu

Editor features include cut, copy, paste, fade in/out. clear, reverse, gain, normalize, remove DC offset, time stretch, pitch shift and basic auto tune.

Effects include digital delay, chorus / flanger, reverb, graphic equalizer, auto tune, noise gate, tremelo, tone boost, distortion and many more.

The Mixer and effect levels can be fully automated using definable controller tracks.

Great tool for journalists, With The Video Import In-App you can import a video and Edit, Create and Export the Video and Soundtrack. Great for reporting on the go.

Supports up to 32 tracks on a 4th generation iPad (or later), 24 tracks on a 2nd or 3rd generation when used in conjunction with the In-App 12-32 Track Upgrade.

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