XK1 from One Red Dog Media demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

Modular Synthesizer

Modular Synthesizer adds more modules in version 1.0.5. Here’s what’s new:

This update requires iOS 7 for Audiobus 2.1 Compatibility

New Modules:


  • Analog Modeling Oscillator
  • Variable waveform which morphs from triangle, saw, square, and pulse
  • Analog circuit characteristics from minimal to extreme
  • Sweepable frequency modulation over the entire oscillator frequency range


  • Super Wave Oscillator
  • 7 simultaneous oscillators which have been slightly detuned from each other to create a huge sound
  • Choose from Super Sine, Super Triangle, and Super Saw
  • Detune and mix controls
  • Sweepable frequency modulation over the entire oscillator frequency range


  • Audiobus 2.1 compatible
  • MIDI event handling vastly improved. Fast playing legato should work perfectly now.
  • Misc. bug fixes

AmenBreak Generator for iPad Demo and Tutorial (video)

Wave DJ update

Wave DJ updates with support for Audiobus 2 and inter-app audio.

KORG DSN-12 :11 (video)

SoundCloud for iPhone 3.1 looks like an improvement

Here’s what SoundCloud say about version 3.1:

Thanks to everyone who downloaded our all-new iPhone app, and to those of you who have gotten in touch with feedback. We’re taking everything onboard, so stay tuned for future updates. With 3.1, you can enjoy:

  • ‘Now Playing’ indicator added (so you always know what’s playing)
  • Liked playlists now show in the ‘You’ tab
  • ‘Record with AudioCopy’ added to ‘More’ tab*
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

*We’ve partnered with Retronyms on the AudioCopy app, which lets you record, edit and upload directly to SoundCloud. AudioCopy also enables you to upload tracks created in other apps directly to SoundCloud.

Moog Werkstatt-01, Korg microKORG, Volca Beats (video)

Just a quick note about the lack of posts recently

My apologies for the lack of posting over the last few days. I was away at WOMAD over the weekend with almost no signal and trying to keep my iPhone battery from giving up for 3 days. Anyway, back to normal now. If you want to see a couple of pictures from WOMAD I’ve posted some here, and also on instagram.

Everyday Looper gets its first update since 2012

This is great. I had wondered if this app was going to be abandoned or not, but it looks like it hasn’t and I’m really pleased.

Here’s what’s in version 1.6:

Restore the previous version of a track modified by recording, erasing or merging.

[Send Mail]
Send individual tracks or mixes of your loops, in AAC or WAV format, by email.

[iOS7/8 Look]
Menu and icon updated to match iOS 7 and 8 look.


  • Instant mute by tapping on the left side of a track.
  • 4 beats count-in for click track based loops by repeating the stop gesture two times.
  • AudioCopy SDK updated to version 2.

For more info on how to use these new features, you can go to http://www.mancingdolecules.com

Korg ESX, Volca Bass, + Volca Keys Techno Jam (video)

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