Everyday Looper gets its first update since 2012

This is great. I had wondered if this app was going to be abandoned or not, but it looks like it hasn’t and I’m really pleased.

Here’s what’s in version 1.6:

Restore the previous version of a track modified by recording, erasing or merging.

[Send Mail]
Send individual tracks or mixes of your loops, in AAC or WAV format, by email.

[iOS7/8 Look]
Menu and icon updated to match iOS 7 and 8 look.


  • Instant mute by tapping on the left side of a track.
  • 4 beats count-in for click track based loops by repeating the stop gesture two times.
  • AudioCopy SDK updated to version 2.

For more info on how to use these new features, you can go to http://www.mancingdolecules.com

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