Tune Knobs has 2 weeks left to go


They’ve got 2 weeks left and they’re nearly at 200% of target! Excellent stuff.


AMPLIFi: The World’s Greatest Bluetooth System | Line 6 (video)

Sonic Port and Inter-App Audio – Record Mobile POD into Garageband | Line 6 (video)

Welcome to App Sound! (video)

Video description:

“Welcome to App Sound and enjoy new presets for your DAW, Plug-in, Synthesizer or iPad App created by Matthias Sauer.

New Freestyle Mode in Guitar! by Smule (video)

Tera Synth – Modular Analog Synthesizer coming to iOS very soon

Playing With GuitarCapo+ (video)

New studio section turns VocaLive 2.0 into a full-fledged DAW! (video)

Version 1.1 — iMPC Pro Log (video)

In case you missed it from this morning … Holderness Media release Caramel, a new effect app for your iPad

You can find all the app’s details here.

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