Audulus 2.8 (video)

Audulus 2.8 arrives

Audulus gets even better with version 2.8. Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved graphics rendering. Sharper, faster, and consumes less memory.
  • New Create menu for creating nodes and inserting patches. With integrated documentation.
  • Now show the patch name in the toolbar.
  • Update Custom Nodes so the exposed UI now can be edited right on the patch node.
  • Improved labeling of inputs and outputs.
  • Update Audiobus.
  • Improved on-screen keyboard.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

ScratchVox Demo for iPad, Maddness I Tell You, Complete Madness (video)

Those Tuna Knobs guys are doing great

If you haven’t seen these before then you should check them out on Kickstarter as they’ve still got more than a couple of weeks to go. So, plenty of time to get in to fund them.

Tenori-On app sequencing a Buchla 200e (video)

n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack Recorder update

n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack Recorder gets some nice new updates:

  • Improved low latency performance
  • Ultra low latency (128 samples) available on iPhone 5/5s and iPad Air
  • Upload MIDI files to dropbox
  • n-Track can be used as Inter app source (switch available in “Settings” menu)
  • Fixed subtle clicking while moving Volume/Pan sliders
  • Minor bugs fixed

Akai iMPC Pro App and MPC Element Controller Demo – Sweetwater’s iOS Update, Vol. 80 (video)

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