In case you missed … AltiSpace has arrived

In case you missed it from yesterday, AltiSpace, the convolution app for iOS, has arrived. Find it here.

Caustic Tutorial – Sweep Filter Effect

Tuna Knobs on Kickstarter … they’re pretty awesome

I think that these are going to be great, and I can’t wait to see them for real.

Retronyms on controlling iMPC Pro

Nice post from Retronyms on controlling iMPC Pro including downloadable templates too.

The SoundTestRoom site opens

After seeing his almost constant stream of videos it’s great to see Doug get his site off the ground at last. All the best to him. I hope the site takes off in a big way! Go visit it here.

iTabla Pro Demo and using it with Audiobus and Crystalline

Unity Live for iOS arrives

Unity Live has arrived …

Unity Live is designed for live performance with an external MIDI controller. Create set list using the hundreds of high-quality Unity sound banks in splits and layers. Purchase addition Unity sounds on the store page.

Each sound may be edited via knobs for transpose, coarse, fine, volume, and pan as well as per-algorithm specific sound controllers, routing amounts, and modulator parameters. Up to ten sound controllers per-algorithm can be controlled, for example, oscillator frequencies, volumes, and pans, as well as filter cutoffs, and resonances.

Complete undo and redo support.

Manage your application documents easy. Each document is a list of setups (two sounds with splits and/or layers) for a live performance. Multiple document support makes organizing your favorite sounds (with edits!) very easily.

Existing ‘Unity Synthesizer’ owners will be able to transfer their current purchase over to ‘Unity Live’ without cost.

Audiobus support. iOS 7 Inter-App Audio support for use with applications like GarageBand on your iOS device.

The app costs $2.99.

nils 1.9 brings AB2 etc

Here’s what’s new in nils:

  • Updating to audiobus 2.1 inter app audio ports.
  • Adding audiobus state saving.

Missed the round up? Here it is …

Here’s a link to the last round up which was a bit of a mammoth collection of news from about three weeks or so. I’ll try and get them done a little more regularly if possible.

Conform for iPad, Demoing this free and very cool little app (video)

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