Not so much a wait list as an overdue list

I’ve been meaning to post a link back to this comment from the end of last month as it has some very sensible suggestions for what needs updating in a bunch of apps. All worth considering. Here’s the actual text of the comment too:

keynell said…

  • Borderlands granular – need usual audiocopy/paste & audiobus support, midi control, ability to play/preview imported samples (currently you can’t hear how they originally sound)
  • Sliver – previewing the sample, ability to actually stop recorded performance – pressing ‘stop’ just pauses it, there’s no way to start another other than killing the app & running it again
  • iMaschine – support for audiobus, more sample editing features, for example fade in/out, boost, etc.
  • Musyc – audiobus support, midi in/out, fix custom samples support – after importing the sample it sometimes plays it, sometimes plays built-in sound, or it is like this by design & you need to import the same sample at different pitches ?
  • Samplr – midi control of every parameter, basic sample editing features: trim, fade in/out; tweaked play modes (for example ability to set start point for tape mode while scratching is off, etc.)
  • Curtis – general update, audiocopy/paste & audiobus support, better sample management, midi)
  • DM1 for ipad – randomizer doesn’t work
  • Overdub – audiocopy/pase support, fade in/out
  • Bip – ipad version, better manual
  • Triqtrak – ipad version

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