Monnix (universal) arrives

Monnix looks interesting. It arrived a few days ago, but it does have the kind of interface that I generally like the look of.

Here’s the app details:

Is that a cat’s meow, a vocodered scream or an out of control robot? What kind of strange sounds could you make with Monnix? This live performance synthesizer uses three points of touch to control the distribution of up to 16 harmonics, allowing for unique sound effects. Movements can be played back in the Replay page and the pitch altered by tilting the device forward. The Sample & Hold screen freezes the partials according to the selected tempo. FM ratio, jitter and envelope parameters can be set in the remaining pages, allowing for a wide variety of sonic mayhem. Whether you need something extra for your next experimental concert, or you just like to have fun making weird noises, Monnix has something to offer you.

Monnix costs $2.99.

4Beats Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

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Juanma LoDo Playing littleBits (video)

touchAbleApp to support Tuna Knobs


Soulsby Synths gives an update on miniAtmegatron development

miniAtmegatron development in progress:

Here’s a first look at the miniAtmegatron Arduino shield kit. It’s at the prototype stage and is currently being debugged and tested. The miniAtmegatron is designed for Arduino and electronics enthusiasts who want to build their own Atmegatron. It’ll come with build instructions and also instructions on how to flash the Arduino to turn it into a USB MIDI device.

There are also plans to create a control interface with Lemur for iPad.

You might remember I did an interview with Paul from Soulsby Synths and took this video too.

Hello Sebatian from Patchblocks


You might remember the little video of the jam he did with these. They really are very awesome.

I need your help with something …

I need some help. I’m looking for web based instruments and toys (stuff like patatap) that can be embedded on sites. I’m especially interested in things that are actual instruments, but any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

8 x iMPC Pro’s it TT, if you like that kind of thing …


In case you missed it, Tuna Knobs are on Kickstarter and are funded already

I think that these are going to be great, and I can’t wait to see them for real.

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