iMPC Pro – Flux link and 3D Perform (App Tour) (video)

In case you missed it, Tuna Knobs are on Kickstarter and they’re funded already!

I can’t believe they’ve got funded so quick! Excellent stuff!

I’ve mentioned this before, but as the Korg sales don’t come around too often, so make the most of it until the 14th. Here are the deals:

Korg’s Gadget down to $28.99
Korg’s ikaossilator down to $9.99
Korg’s iElectribe Gorillaz edition down to $9.99
Korg’s iPolysix down to $19.99
Korg’s iMS-20 down to $19.99

Sugar Bytes updates its apps to Audiobus 2 with state saving

Sugar Bytes has updated Thesys, WOW Filterbox, Turnado, and Effectrix with AB 2 and state saving, which is excellent news.

Music Hack Day comes to Berlin Music Week

Berlin Music Week is looking pretty interesting now with a Music Hack Day it’s getting better and better.

4Beats – Music Creator gets on the bus

Here’s what’s new with 4Beats – Music Creator:

  • Dropbox – Save your tracks in Dropbox.
  • Soundcloud – Share your music with people all around the world
  • Audiobus – Live audio streaming between 4Beats and other music apps.
  • Camera (iPad Only) – Make photo and use it as cover art.

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

EGSY01 Analog Synth updates

EGSY01 Analog Synth gets updated. Here’s what’s new:

  • Keyboard musical scales (56 different types)
  • VoiceSynth filter effect with Keyboard Controlled option
  • Granular filter effect
  • More presets
  • Audiobus 2.1 iOS8 ready
  • Fixed problem with pitchBend

James on LittleBits (video)

I do love littleBits …

Unity Synthesizer updated

Here’s what’s new in Unity Synthesizer:

  • Apple’s iOS 7 Inter-App Audio support for compatibility with applications such as GarageBand
  • update Audiobus support to SDK 2.x for iOS 8 compatibility
  • support for transferring purchases to ‘Unity Live’

GaMBi Trailer (video)

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